Shengpeng Song

January 7th  – April 2nd 2016:

Shengpeng Song

is a painter. As he studied Arts, even classic style of painting, he developed his own unique style. Now he is involving nature into the creational process of painting. That means, he places his art pieces in nature and wants to see the influence of rain, sun etc.

Song is from China and he stays at the Alte Schule with his fiancee Hee, who is from South-Korea.


Unbenannt-3 Song und Hee in Hohenstein-Winterwonderland

We had lots of fun with Song & Hee. They did a calligraphy Workshop and we also had some nice art sessions with funny output.

Chinese Ink Song in Action calligraphy is fun...even it doesnt look like ;-) not that bad

Good luck to both and we hope instantly when we meet them again they will be married…

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