Meriem Elatra

March 27th – May 27th 2016

That`s what she says about herself and her stay at Alte Schule Hohenstein:

“I paint faces, bodies and hands in a permanent visual quest of the nature of human, the nature of emotions and feelings. A sort of telepathic painting of what lies behind the eyes, behind every trait of the figure, what emanates from it and what we perceive from it. It is also a work on memory and and what remains.
I work mainly in oil painting but also in watercolour and ink. There will be a technical search for the best way to convey the sentiments mentioned above using colors juxtapositions, subtle symbolic elements and creating continuities and ambiguities between some components of the painting.
I am a self taught Algero-American painter, I grew up with a mix of French and north African culture and I have been living nomadically between the three continents since the last twelve years, all of which I am finding inspiration for my subjects.”



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