Maruša štibelj

Time of stay: 29. September bis 20. Dezember 2015

maruša štibelj

Marusa PortraitMarusa








The time of Marusa’s stay at the Alte Schule went by way too fast. Her endearing and buoyant spirit characterized the atmosphere in the Alte Schule. She proved to be a very good cat sitter and it happened several times that we found her intensively cuddling Cara or Butch.

Having a look at her artwork, we just have to say, she is whoeheartedly into doing collages. Her eye-catching style and her eye for exciting picture compositions together with underlying profound messages make her artworks impressive and all but superficial.

Here you can see some pictures of works she has created during her stay at the Alte Schule.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Marusa and her art, you should have a glance at her website:


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