Bradley Grey

From March 30st  – June 30st 2016

Bradley Grey

“…I was born in Germany to British parents and spent my childhood exploring the woods and forests.I left aged 10 and have since been living around the world in places such as Vietnam,Suadi Arabia,South Africa,China,US amongst others.I have recently returned to Europe(Ireland) with an excitement and rekindling of old feelings after living abroad for so long.I would so love to return to Germany for some time for these same reasons and to tap the creative energy that goes along with this.Leaving as a child,garnering wisdom and experiences and then returning as an adult.I would like to explore this as a theme and to reflect on the past experiences gathered over that time.”

Bradley - Living in China Bradley and his Family

..some of his last works:

Bradley Grey Painting - The light ot exist Bradley Grey Painting - Journey to old Kilcullen

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