Besides the work on his own project, the most important duty of each Schoolmaster is to write a daily entry in the school diary. The school diary will document the progress of the whole project
“Alte Schule” and will be published after some time.

Additionally, we expect the Schoolmaster to

  • work with people in a social institution, i.e. a nursery, a school or a retirement home, on one afternoon in each quarter of his residence (i.e. hosting a book-reading session, telling them about your mother country,…)
  • have at least one public appearance (i.e. an exhibition at the end of the stay)
  • converse with the citizens of Hohenstein, establish ties to the people in the community, i.e. with an invitation to a tea party on a Sunday afternoon. We will gladly help you to get in touch with the citizens and organize the get-together.
  • clean and maintain the common rooms,  assist us in our daily business such as gardening, shoveling snow and the usual chores he would execute in his private environment as well

The ALTE SCHULE HOHENSTEIN (Association for the promotion of arts and culture) can involve sponsors/supporters for financial support regarding the artist’s living costs at the Alte Schule. The sponsor then asks for one piece of art which will be included in the permanent exhibition at the Alte Schule Hohenstein. Depending on the kind of art, it can also be a reproduction. The piece of art might be reproduced and used promotionally. Please discuss this with us. The aim is a permanent collection of arts (this will also be a good promotion for the Schoolmaster).

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