June 25th 2017 – “Show Me How You Feel” – Thomas C. Chung

Show me how you feel

Hidden in the forests of Hohenstein the people of Franconia are invited to participate in an installation, created by the Australian contemporary artist Thomas C. Chung.

As organised by the artist’s residency Alte Schule, Show Me How You Feel”, is a conceptual art piece reflecting upon our childhood.

Combining his interests in nature, psychology, philosophy and fairy tales, this artwork speaks of who we are as people – who have we become?

Participatory installation with Thomas C. Chung
Duration: 2-3 hours   (the length & time is approximate – please ask Roland for further details)
14:00 – 15:00 : Refreshments at Alte Schule
15:00 – 17: 00 : Group walk to installation in the Bavarian forest

Workshop Description:
This event is for both young and old – no special interest in art is necessary. Families are also most welcomed to bring along their children for the day out. To say thank you for being a part of the installation and for participating a piece of artwork, handmade by the artist, will be given to each person as a gift.

It will begin with refreshments of food and beverages at the artist’s residency Alte Schule in Hohenstein, where you can meet the artist and all those who are curious to embark on this little adventure for the afternoon. A small walk will take place to the nearby Bavarian forest to visit the installation, asking for its audience to navigate it openly. Those that are with you on this journey have the chance to express yourselves as freely as you’d wish – child-like wanderings are highly encouraged to allow the imagination to wonder. When the exploring has been completed we will gather in the middle of the installation for a friendly chat with the artist.

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