Bye Bye Lucienne, Welcome Ben

As time goes by…..

Goodbye Lucie - Welcome Ben

Lucienne’s time at the Alte Schule is already over and we had to say goodbye to her last weekend.

Although our first impression of Lucienne was that of a very young and timid girl, it became clear very soon that she is an extremely clever and vivacious person.

In her time at the Alte Schule she has written a small book about her stay – her premiere as an author.

Goodbye Lucienne

But each “goodbye“ is followed by “welcome”.

On 2nd August, we had the pleasure to say hello to our new artist Ben Tolman. We have already had some great evenings with interesting conversations and have the feeling that Ben will have a good time in Hohenstein.

And another welcome took place yesterday. Jeramy Turner (not yet on the picture) moved into the Alte Schule yesterday.

So, the Alte Schule is fully occupied with three artists and we’re looking forward to many fruitful talks and experiences.

Of course, you are very welcome to say hello to our new residents and stop by at the Alte Schule.

Roland & Chris




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