The association „Alte Schule Hohenstein – Verein zur Förderung von Kunst und Kultur e.V.“ (Alte Schule Hohenstein – Association for the promotion of arts and culture – registered association) is dedicated to support international and national artists. Moreover, it is our goal to enthuse people with arts and culture. We hereby put emphasis on an appreciative coexistence and a vivid culture of communication among the artists and their environment.
The “Alte Schule Hohenstein” shall work as a center for encounter. It offers a temporary home for the artists and meanwhile offers a place for locals to get in touch with people, arts
and culture.
Hohenstein was chosen on account of its wonderful location, but also on account of Hohenstein’s castle and its historical significance. Being located at the highest point in Middle Franconia, the castle has always provided its visitors and former residents with a certain foresight, a superb perspective and an overview over the scenery. Hohenstein’s location has all along granted a special perspective on situations. This certain perspective is still important today and we would like to maintain it.


Concrete Implementation

In 2014, the former schoolhouse in Hohenstein near Nuremberg (Bavaria, Germany) was chosen, purchased and the renovation began. Artists can apply for a 1 to 12 months stay at the residence “Alte Schule”. During their stay, artists work on their project in complete freedom with only few duties (see “Duties”).
Events and exhibitions offer a meeting point where also citizens and visitors are encouraged to engage with arts and culture. Right at the start of your residency, we will introduce you to the village residents. We will furthermore establish contacts with local artists.
With its castle, the “Langhaus” and the old schoolhouse, Hohenstein offers many possibilities and places for cultural events as well.


Enabler of the creative process
Based on clear mutual responsibility, experimentation, exchange and dialogue
Engaged with context by connecting the local to the global
Encounters with the unknown
Important contributors to cultural policy and cultural diplomacy

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  1. Hi,
    I applied for the writing residency. Is there any way to confirm that you have received my application?

    Thank you

    1. Hello Harvinder, actually we are working on our schedule. So, Alte Schule is doing a summer break, so we are not taking any applications before November 2017. Bests Roland

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